Canterbury Cycle Show

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 - The challenge

The challenge

We were approached by Biketart to help them create an exciting campaign for their upcoming Cycle Show.

With the aim to re-establish the Biketart brand and create buzz around cycling in Canterbury.

What we did

We specifically targeted the visual identity, not only the logo but the colour palette, typography, iconography, photography and how we would apply this across different media channels.

We held creative workshops each week, followed by a design sprint while working closely with Biketart in order to create multiple brand assets.

Once we had a strong visual language, we applied this across video, print, and digital touchpoints.

We were able to generate intrigue and boost excitement for the show by releasing a series of teaser videos via social media followed by a full trailer. We also branded key local community areas with the use of High Street banners, leaflets, posters and vinyl for Biketart’s shop front.

The Results

During the build up to the cycle show, Biketart sold a record amount of tickets

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