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Eccentricity With Style

The client approached us in need of a website that properly reflected 'a Kudos dining experience'.

Although they possessed a specific vision, initially their requirements seemed polarised; “Colour, lots of colour”, “Light bursts and stars”, “Butterflies and hearts” all with “a refined feel”.

What we did

Close communication with the client followed but it wasn’t until the design team spent time in and around the restaurant, where appreciation for a ‘Kudos experience’ was finally attained. Brightly decorated butterfly walls, waiting staff sporting quirky hats and even a ‘transgender’ toilet – this was a restaurant was just as much about the “experience” as it was the food.

Once the true feel of the project had been grasped, mood-boarding and UX came together naturally before complete flat mockups were client presented, prior to being handed to the Dev team. Once in the hands of the Dev team, the site was coded in to a custom CMS template,  giving the client complete freedom for any future amends.

The result

A one page site that paints itself into the viewers browser before flowing vertically downwards, reiterating the colours used in the clients logo as a base for each section. Delightfully surprising elements were included with animated butterflies on navigation hover and subtle transitions are presented between each section.

  • 60%

    user increase in the first month

  • 200%

    increase in mobile traffic

  • No 1

    ranked for local search terms

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