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17 February 2022

A step by step guide – What to do when your client says the design looks like a sperm


Sometimes a day at the studio goes a little… awry. Fear not, we’re here with our step by step guide to turn to in times of client feedback crisis.

Step 1:

Don’t panic! Remember you followed all of your creative processes that are backed up by insights, strategy, audience needs and did QA with multiple eyeballs. You just didn’t see it. That’s ok, we’re all human. Tilt your head slightly to the right and look again. Boom, there it is.


Step 2:

Embrace the feedback and stay positive. Ok, yes, we’ve created a visceral representation of the creation of life completely by accident but, do you know what? It still looks great and delivers but it may not be quite right.


Step 3:

Return to the brief. No one wants to end up with a sperm with a bow tie and a bowler hat. Strip back to the core idea, insights, strategy and build it back up again. It’ll be amazing and hardly anyone will ever know.


So there you have it. Next time your output takes on a wholly unintended form just breathe and reset. You’ll laugh about it sooner than you think! Embrace risk and being uncomfortable, because if you’re not uncomfortable it means you’re not stretching far enough creatively.  

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