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13 July 2023

Getting Tough for Millie!

Tough mudder

Dodgems and Floss Summer Fundraiser

Taking on the Tough Mudder!

This summer some of us at Dodgems and Floss (the braver ones!) are training for the 15K Tough Mudder event in South London on 23rd September. It’s one of the most challenging courses in the UK, where 30 obstacles will test our nerves as we get plunged into ice water, get shocked by electric currents, and endure other challenges that will no doubt push us to our limits. 

But why?

Well, we wanted a challenge after hearing about the story of Amelia Martin (Millie). Millie was a confident and outgoing 17 year old back in 2017, when suddenly a rare and totally life changing chronic illness – CPRS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) took hold. Since then nothing has been the same for Millie, or her family. Read more about Millie’s story here.

Supporting a friend

The story really hits home for the D&F team, myself in particular as my wife is close friends with Millie’s Mum.
Being a father is one of the best parts of my life and it’s just unbearable to think what it must be like to watch your child go through such crushing and constant pain.

So to help in whatever small part we can, we decided to sign up to a challenge and fundraise for Millie’s cause.

Follow our progress!

We’ll show you updates on how the training is going throughout the Summer, wish us luck!

If you can sponsor the team’s efforts we would be very grateful, no matter what the amount, anything will help Millie get to the US where she will hopefully get some relief and some of her old self back.

Sponsor the Dodgems and Floss team today!

We would love to raise £1000 for Millie, follow the link and please give all you can.



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