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09 August 2019

Often our clients come to us because of a specific need that they want addressing.

The brand is dated. The system is insecure or non-compliant.

Before we can help with that, we need to understand the context. Fortunately at Dodgems & Floss we’re not only highly skilled in addressing the above needs, but also in understanding the business mechanisms that sit beneath them and considering the wider picture.

Considering the wider picture is what results in a faster, better and more efficient business.

If you’ve been around for more than a few years then there’s a good chance that the systems and processes you put in place back then are no longer optimal for what you need.

There might be an email server in your office, which was fine when it was just a few of you and the usage was light, but now it repeatedly fails and staff don’t receive emails for seemingly no reason at all.

The brand you’ve stuck with all these years might look the way it does because that’s all a particular piece of software that’s part of your workflow can handle.

What’s more, all of these pieces might not be very good at talking to each other. They might not be aware of each other at all. Particularly if parts of certain systems reside on paper stored inside heavy filing cabinets.

Dodgems & Floss can help.

As we get to know your business, we can peel back the layers of the various processes that make it tick and help you design new ways of working. We can recommend, implement and even create new software for you, to link everything together and allow you to be more competitive in your industry.

You don’t need to be a start-up to operate like one. So next time you talk to us about something you need, consider coming with us on a wider journey and letting us delve into the reasons why you need it in the first place. The results can be, well, transformative!

Ben Fitter-Harding is a technology entrepreneur who has founded, run and exited businesses for nearly 20 years. He is Studio Director at Dodgems & Floss, and available for business and digital consultancy within a highly experienced creative team.

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