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Halloween horrors!

31 October 2023

Creepy studio horrors

This Halloween we thought we would share a few of the horrors we have following us in the shadows and lurking in our nightmares. These things give us the willies… how about you?

The horror of a JPEG

Imagine the scene, we’re about to start a lovely, purposeful and creatively genius asset for a client, and they send you a JPEG logo! *screams pierce through the studio and the door slams – don’t worry, that’s just Tony!* The low res and pixelated images haunt us, so ensure you have vector files for your main assets and save us all the shivers.

The mysterious target market

When you don’t know the target market, your perfect customer, who you need to get in front of, insides and all, you’re doomed. Whether your customers only come out after dark, or are living their best lives searching for souls to eat, you need to know the difference. What makes them do what they do, what they need, and what their challenges are. We hope you’re not in the game of selling flesh to the undead, but if you are, knowing your zombie from your vampire will help smash those targets. 

The endless navigation web

If your website navigation is an endless web of despair, that has your site visitors wondering ‘where am I, and how do I get out?’ Then you need some help with navigation. The vibes you need are the helpful ones – get the right content to the right person quickly – not ‘omg we’re lost forever’. That visitor is likely never, ever, to be seen again.

Creepy content

Yes, you have re-read the newsletter 1million and 94 times, but still as soon as you press send, you find a typo. It’s a given to be fair, a law of content creation, but still you can help avoid such tragedy by simply reading it backwards or asking your computer to read it back to you. Wizardry that will save that stomach churning feeling.

The blood curling budget question

Inevitable in all discovery discussions… those foul and freakish agency types just want to know how much they can charge, right? Wrong! It’s more about trying to help scope the project and your requirements to match your pot of gold. No point misaligning so early on in the project, let’s all make like Casper and just be transparent! 

If you have a web, design or content challenge and would like to talk it through, get in touch for a chat. We’re not scary at all! 


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Katie Lawerence

Marketing and Growth Director