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How to write the perfect brief

18 September 2020

A point where two industries meet and information is imparted. Those of us in the creative world often speak of our discontent when analysing the quality of the briefs we so often receive.

Paradoxically, businesses I have dealt with over the years often mention how work delivered by agencies doesn’t match the brief. Resulting in a poor experience all round.

How do we avoid such a situation? 

It’s simple really, “The Brief” has been bent and twisted out of shape over the years and turned into a list of demands and wants. If anything it is more akin to a statement of work nowadays.

That is why we strip it back and approach the process in an entirely different manner – we ask you one simple question; what are you struggling with?

If you’re coming to us, it is because something isn’t working or you want to take your design and development to the next level. Our job is to help provide answers and recommendations that allow you to achieve those ambitions. 

Coming to us with a list of solutions is like going to the doctor with symptoms and telling them what they should prescribe. What’s the point? You might as well order your own dodgy pills off the internet.

The best way for the team to help is to understand the pain points you are coming up against, the struggles you are facing and the commercial or digital destination of choice.

Briefs that help us, help you the most include:

  • What your audience/users seem to struggle with the most
  • What are your perceived barriers to business
  • What has led you to seek help
  • What is your existing business ethos and proposition?

We know it is really very tempting to list all the things you want and hand it to your agency but, trust us, we’re here to help and give you the guidance you need. 

And if you’re struggling to put together a great brief…? We’ll help you!

Published by

Tony Georgiades

Creative Director