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Our Top 5 tips when considering your brand

06 March 2019

It’s not just your logo, it’s the “flexible brand experience”

Gone are the days when you have a static logo and just use that everywhere you can. Our world is now fully responsive and there are many touchpoints and opportunities to engage with your audience. Your brand must be flexible and adapt to those physical/digital constraints, remain recognisable and connect emotionally with your audience.  

Is it responsive?

Is your brand mark flexible? No? Well it should be. As part of the flexible design system, a brand mark must respond to the environment it lives in, to communicate effectively across all different media platforms, print and devices (current and future). Responsive logos should simplify when viewed on small mobile screens, while remaining recognisable and retaining personality. Then adapt successfully when viewed on giant billboards.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your individual personality

The minimalist design trend and shift towards simplification has seen many companies jump on the bandwagon and rebrand using clear sans-serif fonts. While this maybe the right direction for your brand, don’t be afraid to buck the trend and stay true to your values and personality. You may just stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience.

As you can see below these big names are following the latest trend…..but I guess that’s just fashion brands for you.

Tell genuine stories

Be true to yourself and tell genuine, real stories that will engage with your audience. Brands that tap into our emotions and move us, make us smile, excite us, evoke a sense of wonder, will keep us coming back for more. Enabling your engaged audience to tell their own stories through your products/services is even better, as they become part of your brand and ultimately become your biggest ambassadors.

Your user needs will drive everything

Deeply understanding your customer needs now and in the future, is the basis of a strong brand. It all starts with the user experience, not only does the product or service need to communicate and be presented successfully. The entire experience of interacting with the brand needs to be satisfying, if your experience isn’t providing value, users will go somewhere else.

The success of giants like Amazon and Netflix can be distilled to the simple point that they make it easier than any other previous alternative.

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Tony Georgiades

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