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Rebrand – A Retrospective

14 November 2017

As we rocket through the second half of our third year of ‘us’, we’ve been exploring what that really means and how to reflect it in the changing face of Dodgems & Floss. Our brand.

Creating new brands is a fantastic and rewarding journey that distills the essence of something into what we all see and touch. But when it comes to updating our own there’s a whole lot of history, of learning, that we need to convey to show the journey we have been on together, and what we’ve gained and lost along the way.

With the passing of time and the accumulation of experience, holding the mirror to our own brand so we can better reflect yours is a vital part of our evolution. We want to share what we have done on our journey so far, show you some of the techniques that have made such a difference to the organisations we have been lucky enough to help, in the hope that it enhances your day, even a little.

Nearly three years ago, our face was inspired by the fairground. The joy, the delight, the excitement and bright lights, and with that a certain naivety and innocence as we made our first foray into the world as a single force. Fast forward to now and all that energy and passion has taken on different forms. Life has happened. Engagements, weddings, dogs and babies. Goodbyes and even more hellos. We’ve grown, in both knowledge and number.

And so, as much as the ‘new’ Dodgems & Floss looks boldly forward to our ever-loftier ambitions and aspirations, it takes stock of what we now know. It acknowledges and celebrates the different roles we all have to play, and breaks us down into the four strands that make us what we are: Client, Design, Digital and Strategy.

Our inspiration is to be your inspiration, we want our new brand to be the spark.

Moreover, it invites you in. In to join us, to collaborate with us, and to make us an extension of you. So next time you see our face, whether it’s on the web, on a big screen or nestled between the shops on Canterbury high street, we hope you’ll want to do just that; come in, join us, collaborate with us on something amazing.

Want to find out more about the projects we have worked on visit our work.

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Ben Fitter-Harding

Studio Director