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26 November 2018

Never before has service when managing a creative project been such a vital differentiator between agencies

Sure, the value of our studio’s proposition and the unique way in which we approach a creative challenge should set us apart from others in our sector but in reality, is that enough in such a competitive space?

We don’t think so.

Our commitment to service and communication has always vied with the fact that we have a busy high street studio to welcome clients into as our stand-out proposal to set us apart. Not anymore.

Now we can offer those we are supporting with an added benefit to working with Dodgems and Floss. No matter where you are from in the world, if you work with us, you can now stay in one of four beautiful, comfortable, custom designed rooms located immediately above our studio in Canterbury.

That’s right, we now have a hotel upstairs. Our hotel, created and designed by us. Welcome to The Hugo.

Why have we gone and done such a thing?

The reality is that we have always been a group that practice what we preach and we preach that every problem has a creative solution.

We want clients to feel relaxed with us, removing the pressures of time and travel where we can. Being able to offer a client face-time in our studio, dinner at one of the many beautiful local restaurants at hand and a great night sleep makes perfect sense.

As a result we embarked on creating a complementary business that appeals to travellers wanting to stay in beautiful medieval Canterbury, whilst also reflecting the studio’s personality.

From The Hugo’s website down to the bespoke wallpaper, designed in house and unique to each room, we undertook to create a user experience as unique as the guests and clients we are lucky enough to welcome into our creative oasis each and every week.

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Published by

Ben Fitter-Harding

Studio Director