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The Artificial Intelligence Experience

09 July 2018

Artificial intelligence is our future, there is no denying it

The digital industry is always seeing new technologies and techniques emerging and building on these, but AI just hasn’t really been adopted… yet.

The key benefits of AI is its ability to understand and improve productivity and efficiency. Receiving a great experience, and not knowing whether it’s through a human being or artificial intelligence, this is the way forward.

The retail industry in America has recently adopted a new AI system that helps customers find the perfect clothes for them in a store. Using data from customers’ previous purchases, of what they like to buy, current fashion trends and linking in with the stores stock system, they are making customers’ experiences easier, quicker and more pleasant.

It got us thinking

How could we improve on are own customer service experience with the use of AI? What are the key experiences customers have with us that an AI system could take over, that wouldn’t feel any different to our customer but helps us improve on our productivity?

We use internal systems for things like project management, time tracking and invoicing. How about an AI system that talks to all of these internal systems and communicates with our customers; letting them know when things are done, when they are running out of hours and then sending out the invoices?

It could have a chatbot built in that the customer could talk to, asking questions such as ‘how’s the new brochure project going, when can we see the initial design?’ And the system replies with ‘the brochure design project is in progress and has 2 hours left, we will be sending you the initial design by the end of the day’, cutting down on email communications that could be automated.

But AI is new, and it’s time consuming to create. It needs to be built from scratch, which can take a lot of man/women hours to create and for integrating different systems. Then you might need to build up some data of your own to make it all work together.

There are so many possibilities; the idea of a virtual studio excites us, we have so many ideas! We need to push are industry forward, dedicate some spare time and resource to building AI systems that benefit our business and help our customers have an even better experience.

Published by

Andrea Downey

Digital Director