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11 December 2017

Service and helping customers embrace and understand the latest technology available to them are Jon’s main goals

In addition to being an integral part of the customer journey at Dodgems and Floss, Jon is involved in a variety of different projects that keep him busy, but we managed to grab him and ask him a few questions.

Where did you start your journey in the creative world?

I officially joined the creative world when Dodgems and Floss was founded but I’d always had a keen eye for detail and design. I love making things so when I had the opportunity to be part of the creative process, I jumped at it.

What did you do before Dodgems and Floss?

Prior to Dodgems and Floss, I served for seven years in the metropolitan police in a number of different units across London. Being a Police officer prepared me for my current role, you need to be versatile and understanding when dealing with victims or suspects. The same is true when helping customers with their branding and design needs, you need to be empathetic and understanding to their business.

What do you do at Dodgems and Floss?

I’m responsible for making sure all of our customers have a single point of contact before, during and after their project with us. You’re also likely to find me out and about, talking to people about who Dodgems and Floss are and what we do to help businesses.

What has been the most rewarding part of being in the creative industry for you?

Seeing happy clients at the end of a project is a great feeling. I get to know our customers really well and get heavily invested in getting a piece of work absolutely right. When you see a brand, website or brochure out there in the real world helping a customer’s business to grow and thrive, it really does make this the best job in the world.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to get into the industry, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to approach agencies and ask to learn. We’ve offered internships and they are so valuable to help you stand out from the crowd, there isn’t a substitute for real life experience. If you are already confident and have skills you are proud of, offer to do some pro bono work. All these thing help your stock to rise and showcase your talents.

What has been the most important lesson you have learnt since Dodgems and Floss came into being?

There have to been so many watershed moments but the things that run through every element of the business is the need to have a great team around you who are understanding with clients.

When you are responsible for developing something as vital as a company website, you need to be able to trust the team to be invested in making it a success. Every part of the creative machine needs to function to produce the best work.

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