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What to do when you are cursed with writers block

05 April 2019

If you have ever been tasked with writing, well anything really, it usually goes one of a few ways;

You plan, focus, write a list, determine what the objective of the piece is and get going. Or. You get a flash of inspiration, set out to bare your soul in the form of script that you know will change the readers life beyond all recognition….then you sit down and sod all comes out.

Scenario numero dos is where I find myself right now. As I type this I’m meant to be writing something about Facebook and the reasons why you shouldn’t be using it for B2B sales. By now you should have realised I’ve failed.

Ironically, this failure has lead to me constructing a piece based on how to get past the metaphorical canyon that stands between you and your literary goals.

What to do to kickstart yourself

  1. Get up and have a walk about. The blood starts to flow and the change in your environment allows your brain to float around and rediscover its creative gumption.
  2. Grab your laptop and go somewhere else. Sometimes the sight of the same old surroundings doesn’t help you find your inspiration. I’m lucky at the studio that I’ve got use of about four settings but tootling off to the coffee shop or your local bench can work just as well.
  3. Get rid of your distractions. Don’t have your phone next to you, Twitter and Instagram will call you and the temptation to answer, losing hours in the socialscape, will result in your muse trotting off.
  4. Listen to music. This won’t help all of you, in fact this may well act as a major distraction but it helps me. 90s/00s nu metal works for me.

What not to do

  1. Try not to sit there in a mood until inspiration comes back to say hi, it won’t and all that will happen is you’ll get hot n sweaty.
  2. Don’t watch TV, it’ll rot your brain and won’t offer the inspiration you seek.
  3. Avoid Facebook, Linkedin and googling if dogs can look up. Procrastination isn’t going to help.

Whatever your chosen method of overcoming writers block, the reality is it will be completely unique.

What do you do to get over writers block? We’d love to know….

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