Reimagining the future brand experience for b&m

After building a business for over 30 years it was time to refresh a brand, but without losing the heritage, respect and awareness already built.


Leveraging the history to create something new

There was a desire to update the branding, and possibly the name, to breathe new life into the branding, to get set for the next wave of business growth.

Shortening the name to the b&m initials, and using the ampersand as the basis for the design system, allowed for a total makeover while not causing too much friction with existing clients or brand awareness.

This led to the ‘& more’ concept, the basis for a narrative that could explore and introduce to the market their story for the future.

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Getting to the heart of b&m

A series of interviews, lightening talks and workshops allowed us to get to the heart of the business challenges. Together as one team we explored the future positioning and worked out what was needed to support this journey.

We involved stakeholders from around the business to ensure everyone’s opinion was taken on board and we had buy-in on the changes as we went through our process.

Creating a narrative to build growth

The new look and feel for b&m allowed them stand out in the market and it gives the business more leverage to add to the service portfolio. This project engaged the team and empowered them to talk about the company in a new way.

‘There has always been something in the brand we weren't sure about, but after throwing ourselves in completely, our minds are at ease. We love the new brand!’

Andrew Walker,

Director, b&m

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