An experience led brand identity

To reposition the brand into an ‘experience led’ system. Unifying the multitude of events and to become a beacon for live experiences and culture.

Gulbenkian Arts Centre

Fuelled by 3 global design principles

Inspired by the experience

Being focused on putting the experience first. Set a clear intention to sell the story to the user via design.

Simply essential

Our design shouldn’t get in the way of the storytelling. Keep it simple, clean and remove the unnecessary.

Confidence in creativity

Be fearless in your attitude. Use your creativity to push the boundaries of what’s possible and strive to deliver compelling solutions at every turn.

A new logo for a responsive experience

We crafted a new logo that can respond to the various needs of the organisation and where it’s used. Slick, modern while still maintaining the Gulbenkian essence/heritage.

A bold, flexible design system

We developed a robust ecosystem that creates unity while allowing the production theatres/bands/artists to have their own distinct personality showcased.

Through typographic treatments and the use of a limited accent palette we can focus on storytelling, highlighted the core message while the Gulbenkian Arts Centre branding sits subtly in the background.

The brand system is built to evolve and adapt as the stories change throughout the seasons. An exciting future with a spirit of constant change and optimism.

Project Information

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand identity

  • Digital design

  • Creative

  • Motion