Supporting your business growth journey

Businesses can change shape as they grow, and growth in itself can be risky and stressful. We are proud to have a team that comes from a varied background of experience in building businesses from the ground up - through to successful exit, or through a strategic global M&A plan.

Business growth is complicated, and whether you’re a one (wo)man band, or a busy corporate, growing pains are common

It’s very common that you will get more from a process if it’s driven by a third party. You can be challenged and drawn on more experiences and skills than trying to work out the best foot forward. You can be taken out of the comfort zone and think about new perspectives that might lead to finding new opportunities, ways to scale, areas for money saving - whatever your goal is!

How can we help?

  • Business planning

    Needing investment or working towards a new partnership? We can work with you to draw up a business plan that lays out exactly how you plan to proceed. What the returns are, what the risk migrations are. We can produce a finely tuned report and or presentation deck, ready for you to do the pitch of your life!


  • M&A support

    Growth through market consolidation is common in many industries as markets flex to meet the needs of customers and the macroeconomic environment changes. Having a plan for this is vital, not only in proving the move is a good play, but the roll out in PR comms, integration, it’s no picnic. We can help take a lot of that pain away and support you throughout.


  • Workshop facilitation

    Taking the team offsite to discuss key issues, plans and work through options can be a great way of getting your best results. Fresh thinking comes away from the desk, and with experience in running a range of workshops and away days we see clients really enjoy the results, but see them as a key way to motivate teams and improve engagement.