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26 March 2018

Time flies when you’re designing fun

Double Award Winning Agency

A year has passed since Dodgems and Floss became double winners at the Canterbury Business Awards and that is a scary thought.

We remember with fond memories what it was like to win the awards for small business and creative business. It was such a thrill to be recognised for the work that we do and equally, to use the boost that winning gave us to push D&F to the next level.

So, in 12 months, have we pushed on?


It is amazing how much can change in a year. We’ve completely restyled our studio, pushed into new markets and worked on some incredible projects. The awards may have recognised who and what we do locally, but it gave us the confidence to take on projects that previously we would have shied away from.

We now have customers all over the world and in all sorts of different industries but that evening at the St Lawrence cricket ground gave us an additional boost to keep setting ourselves ever more challenging goals.

These new projects have given us the opportunity to help some great businesses and nonprofits. We’ve supported all number of changes to improve the user experience of dozens of websites and help thousands of customers find their perfect service.

So if you are a start-up, established business or thinking of getting out there to do what you love as a profession, set yourself realistic but challenging goals. People will recognise what you bring to the party and you never know, you might be lucky enough to land an award shaped cherry to pop on that business cake you spend so long baking.

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