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Mansfields - A complete fresh brand experience

A complete fresh brand experience



Our objective

Develop a fresh future-ready, competition-killing brand and digital experience while retaining their unique heritage and DNA. Taking history into the future, to be even more inclusive, accessible and create a flexible design system that works.

The rebrand represented their commitment to forward-thinking technology and innovation as the industry leader in fruit services. 

Ultimately this rebrand needed to stand the test of time and accompany them for the next decade & longer.


A flexible design system for a fresh new era. 


For the first time in their history, Mansfields now have a truly digital identity, able to adapt to it’s environment from mobile devices to billboards. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities.






Initial data since launch indicates a strong first few months for the new era.

New all time record

During the first month since launch, the audience growth increased dramatically.

Audience growth:


New website
Mansfields homepage
Diary 2020
Strawberry fields
Cherry picking
Picking and Packing

Our approach

We worked on site and in the studio with the senior management team and key stakeholders to fully understand Mansfields, their current pain points & vision for the future.

We started our journey together back in the archives, unveiling forgotten logotypes and history. By incorporating elements and being sensitive to the core brand we developed a fresh new look and era for Mansfields. The new visual system was built to enable the brand to be truly flexible, adapting to its environment.

The website was specifically designed to talk to both distributors and potential new staff, serving as a pull for both audiences.


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