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People United  - An inclusive brand for kindness

An inclusive brand for kindness


People United

Our objective

People United had outgrown their brand, and felt their logo in particular was too closed, feeling constrained and not inclusive. 

They needed a modern, flexible brand that pays respect to their history but highlights the journey they are on whilst being an inclusive symbol of kindness. 

As they work with many talented creatives, the identity needs to adapt to different environments, media channels, colours and sizes.

Before and After Logo


Collaborating together we were able to create a flexible logomark that can adapt to utilise photography, solid colour or outlines, depending on the environment. We also developed an extensive colour palette with recommended combination values.


The brand identity was launched during People United’s Symposium and will continue to evolve and grow.


Provoking Change Symposium

The symposium discussed why kindness is more important than ever. Involving presentations and debate on how the arts can and should influence radical change.


The event was a complete success with record attendance.

Kindness level:


ID card
Logo variations
Branded report document
Branded drop banner
People United symposium

It was a great experience working with their brilliant team - they took time to get to know us, our work and our values, and we got to know ourselves better too. We love our new brand and so does everybody else. Six months on, it still makes me smile.

Janice McGuinness - Chief Executive Officer, People United

Business cards

Our approach

Our first mission began with diving into their history, the journey they are on, current pain points and immersing ourselves in their world.

Working closely together the process was very fluid and iterative, involving all members of their team. We conducted design sprints and workshops to get the best out of everyone.

Together we developed a modern, fresh and flexible brand identity that can adapt to any environment and be used by creatives that are involved within their cause.

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