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Betteridge & Milsom - Reimagining the future brand experience for b&m

Reimagining the future brand experience for b&m


Betteridge & Milsom

Our objective

The dilemma Betteridge & Milsom faced for some time; to rebrand or refresh their identity?

By keeping an open mind to all possibilities and being brave, we embarked on a fluid branding journey to explore everything from their brand strategy, name and visual identity systems.

A brand that paints a true picture of who b&m are whilst elevating it to a new level.


Our approach

We kicked-off the project during lockdown in 2020, however that didn’t stop us being creative and finding solutions and new processes along the way.

A lot of our face to face creative sessions were moved into the virtual space.

First task was to understand their current brand strategy, pain points and areas of frustration not only for customers but for their staff and leadership team.

Before vs. After
Logo construction
Ampersand construction

A unifying strategy 'And more'

A powerful brand idea that encapsulates the spirit of b&m.

‘And more’ highlights the extra value brought to the customer whether that’s through their service offerings, customer service or the forward thinking approach.

& more
Ampersand pattern
b&m merchandise

A layered experience

The brand’s new design language takes cues from construction and b&m’s forward thinking approach. Represented by layers we have created a rich, playful voice that enables a strong storytelling experience.

A unique colour system

We developed a signature purple that will play an important role in building and asserting the new b&m brand identity.

To compliment this a secondary palette of dark, light and neutral hues were also created. A single colour from either strand can accompany the signature, being mindful of contrast issues. When more colour is needed two colours maybe selected.

Colour palette
Colour combination
Colour combination

A typeface full of character

Packed with flair for maximum impact.

We utilise BW Gradual, with its angular cuts and clean geometric forms that reflect the logo, the new typeface exudes simplicity and style. While keeping it easy to read at small sizes and highly recognisable.

Sign mock
Tender document
Envelope designs
Roll banner
phone cases

Since the launch of the new brand

b&m have seen a radical increase in staff moral as the brand now reflects where they are today and where they are going in the future.

After exploring a mountain of possible names, concepts and designs, b&m now feel at ease with the brand and have stop wondering what if?

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