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Sixt - Driving a social adventure

Driving a social adventure



Our objective

An engaging campaign for their UK Instagram audience, showcasing the possible adventures you could have with their sport and luxury vehicles in the Dream car range.

Whether you head to the Alps in a Range Rover or cruise the Italian Riviera in a Maserati, the car of your dreams has never been so close.



Range Rover Sport in France
Sixt Range Rover Sport
Sixt Range Rover Sport
Sixt Range Rover Sport
Sixt Range Rover Sport


With images and stories for use across the Sixt Dream cars page, the aim was to drive engagement. With over 10% engagement rate and increased following, driven by the unique content.

Instagram Stories

Unique story told over 5 pieces of content.

Engagement growth:



Our approach

Cars are more than transport. We wanted to show what was possible with a Sixt car to prompt engagement and ultimately bookings from their premium range.

To highlight the memories that can be made with the right car from Sixt, we travelled to Champagne country in France to shoot the magnificent Range Rover Sport. With a range of content to help viewers imagine being on a day trip in total luxury, we delivered a set of assets to both engage and entice.

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