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MJB Group

To create a one page website, showcasing their entire range of services.


MJB Group

Our Role

  • Digital


MJB Group out grew their previous website and asked us to create a prominent, mobile-friendly site in order to position them as an authority in security and other services.

  • MJB Group Website Visual


We focused on a mobile first approach for this project. The core design transitions seamlessly between different devices. The visual language has been kept clean and simple to allow for quick download speeds. Navigation is achieved by utilising gesture scrolling and swiping right and left.

Desktop users haven’t been left out, they can enjoy the perks of content rich background video effects.

  • Mobile MJB Group
  • Mobile menu


Site was launched in June 2017, MJB Group report the new site is meeting the objectives set out and have new projects in the pipeline this year.