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Chaplin Solutions - Twisting into a new brand experience

Twisting into a new brand experience


Chaplin Solutions

A business on a mission to do things differently

Chaplin Solutions wanted to rebrand the company to gain traction and disrupt and cut through the crowded IT market.

We stripped the brand and website down to the bare bones, reviewing the brand strategy including business values, the product set and target market, understanding the motivations and needs of the prospective audience.

Chaplin solutions

The brand story

The DNA of the new brand was inspired by twisting IT systems or processes into place.

Just a twist here or there could unlock a businesses potential, save resources and time. The twist element is the heart of the brand system and can be found in every application.


The brand's toolkit

The new identity moves away from the corporate style with friendly, organic style illustrations, which brings a human element. While the colour palette and typography reflects a serious undertone.

The brand’s motion behaviour is central to enhancing the brand idea. Breathing life into the brand and conveying the message behind it. Creating a distinctive and impactful style.

This was applied to help segment information, aid navigation and builds narratives.


Our impact

Increase in website traffic, enquiries, driving more revenue


Reduction in page speed from 1.6s.

0.5 secs


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