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2018; We Dodgemed and Flossed to our greatest year

31 December 2018

In the blink of an eye here we are, the end of another year, and what a year it has been for our high street studio

2018 has seen us complete projects for clients from Los Angeles to Stockholm and everywhere in between. We’ve created websites, marketing campaigns, launched brands, developed creative ideas for streaming services, travelled around Europe, designed a hotel experience and branded entire buildings, all in the name of providing truly creative solutions.

It is only natural to look back over a year and try to pick out what worked well, not so well, and things we would love to see delivered in 2019. The reality of Dodgems and Floss in 2018 is that we continued our growth, understanding and maturity as a provider of a truly unique proposition. Our mix of technical, marketing and business experience allowed us to help more organisations than ever before by offering not just design, development and campaign support, but also partnering at the earliest stages of a project or business.

And when we look back over everything the Studio has helped achieve this year, it is the collaborative way in which we work with people that stands out the most. We have been engaged so early for some pieces of work that, on occasion, we have even been there at the planning stage, helping to form a brief and map a successful route to completion.

So as another year reaches its conclusion and the studio enters the year of its fourth birthday, there many reasons to celebrate 2018 and look ahead to 2019 with genuine excitement. Excitement for the projects on the horizon, excitement for the unexpected challenges that will test our creative ability and, of course, the excitement of continuing our collaboration with existing clients and the new ones we hope to welcome to our creative oasis.

Happy New Year, from us all at D&F.

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Ben Fitter-Harding

Studio Director