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Hello! Do you accept money?

20 December 2017

Well that’s a stupid question, I hear you say – of course I accept money.

But do you, really?

If you’re a creative agency or any organisation in the B2C space you probably want your customers to pay by bank transfer. That may be a cheap way of accepting money, but it’s also a very faffy way.

What about a debit card? Online or in person? What about a credit card? What about, gulp, American Express?

Now you think I’m just being silly. But for the sake of 2%, isn’t it better for your business to have its money now, for your client to get oodles of free air miles, and for American Express to carry the burden of the credit rather than your cashflow?

Isn’t it better for your relationship with your client not to be a burden on their cashflow?

At Dodgems & Floss we firmly believe in the frictionless; we tell our clients all day long how we’re taking down the barriers that dissuade their users. We believe in practicing what we preach.

That’s why, in just a few clicks, you can pay us for our services with your choice of card. Which might have a little something to do with why none of our creditors are older than 30 days.

Do you really need further persuasion? Whether you’re a street stall or popup to a multinational brand, money has gone digital and cards have become the most powerful financial instruments in the world.

Accept them, without surcharge and without hesitation. Or lose your customers to people who do.

Published by

Ben Fitter-Harding

Studio Director