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The art of Ghost writing

06 September 2019

Time. You’ve either got lots of it and want to fill it or you have absolutely none of it and it stresses the living daylights out of you.

It’ll come as no surprise then, that the thing that I provide to clients is my time and in my world, that means using my time to help promote someone else’s business, view or service. 

How do you do that I hear you ask? Well, it is by employing the art of ghost writing and it is this skill I am going to shed light on right this very second.

The first thing to be aware of is not every content creator or copywriter can master the art of embodying someone else’s literary style. Not to blow my own trumpet, but it requires the ability to embed yourself in another business and collaborate with the individual to completely adopt their point of view. 

Ghost writing starts before a word is committed to paper (or screen), it starts by patiently researching the industry or topic you are going to be reflecting and, crucially, spending time with the person or business who will be credited with the piece. 

It isn’t limited to articles and blog pieces either. Tweets, Facebook posts, Linkedin statuses and Instagram stories are regularly managed, curated and uploaded by someone other than the brand or individual. 

There really is only one secret to getting the best out of a relationship where you are trusting somebody outside of your organisation to represent the brand you hold so dear; be prepared to communicate.

It takes time and honesty for someone else to adopt your tone of voice and the best way of doing this is to be honest about the first few pieces of content. Once your writer starts to understand the culture, proposition and you a little better, that is when the creative flair of that content creator starts to become a huge asset to your and your business.

They stop being someone who can simply do a task that saves you time and evolve into a fully fledged member of your team, helping distribute your brand message to a far wider audience by contributing content that may never have been considered before. 

Every growing business should surround themselves with those who can help elevate your brand to the next level. Engaging with someone who can add a little more volume to your marketing voice is a great addition to make.

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