An ecommerce experience for luxury board games

A refined storytelling experience that builds a narrative around each product, immersing the audience in each unique piece of art.

Elevating uniqueness and evoking passion in their products

To sell a premium, and often exclusive one time or personalised piece, it was important to sell the products through the senses, so you can feel the uniqueness within the online experience. This is more difficult online, but not impossible.

We needed to bring the products to life, layering on the finer details of the games, the fine materials, the craftsmanship, and the collaboration with a selection of contemporary artists.

Immersion into the product range and understanding the customer

We spent time with Purling's in-house team, immersing ourselves into their process and understanding their business objectives. We also felt it was extremely important to feel and experience the quality of the products. The tactile nature and feeling you get with each unique piece can inspire compelling ideas and create remarkable experiences for everyone.

Play by your own rules

Capture the imagination of the visitor.

Visitor journeys on site were explored and considered, so a simple yet informative process could be achieved, in keeping with a experience a buyer might have in a store.

Project Information

  • Brand identity

  • Brand strategy

  • Digital design

  • Creative

  • Web development

  • E-commerce