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Asahi UK

Collaborating with Asahi and Peroni to create Kent’s first Cocktail Week.


Asahi UK

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Motion


Our challenge was to brand and launch Kent Cocktail Week, a new series of events, competitions and offers across Kent, showcasing the craft of cocktail making. To celebrate Kent’s cocktail scene and bring together producers and the public, all with a touch of Italian style.

  • Creative session at D&F
  • Kent Cocktail Week - Date promo
  • Kent Cocktail Week logo.


We implemented super fast design sprints, which included creative workshops with Asahi/Peroni. From these we were able to understand, learn and iterate through various concepts quickly and effectively.

We focused on the Bartender, their craft, skills and signature styles, putting them at the forefront of the campaign.

  • Social media campaign post - The Falstaff.
  • Social media campaign post - Old Fire Station.
  • The Pound's cocktail entry for the competition.

We collaborated with a kick-ass creative team at Dodgems & Floss. There was a great cultural fit between our teams and we really thought about the creative process before diving into the project.

David Horsley, South East Manager, Asahi UK.

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