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Google  - Collaborating for a Google-worthy event

Collaborating for a Google-worthy event



Our objective

To seamlessly collaborate with Google EMEA and another London based agency in multiple locations, in order to create a Google-worthy event for the Partner Leadership Summit in Dublin.

All branded assets needed to be flexible in order to work across multiple channels, including digital screens around the complex and keynote speaker presentations.

As part of the event team, we were to provide essential support during the event and ensure all keynote speakers presentations were adapted live when needed.

Our approach

As with all great events, planning and having an effective team sets you on the right path. Collaboration was the main goal here as all parties worked as one. During the weeks running up to the Partner Leadership Summit, the event team all worked closely together in Google London. Iterating quickly on multiple aspects of the project at one time.

A couple of days before, we flew to Google EMEA headquarters in Dublin, Ireland to support the application of all graphical elements across the building and ensure the smooth running of the event.

Working around the clock, we staged multiple rehearsals and collaborated with all keynote speakers on their presentations right up until we were live.


Our Design Director on location
Digital screens across the building
Digital screens welcoming guests
Rehearsal the night before

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