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One Pound Lane - Establishing a new gastropub experience

Establishing a new gastropub experience


One Pound Lane

Our objective

Helping someone imagine the texture of a wine, imagine the smell of a gorgeous Sunday lunch or experience the ambience of a gastropub via imagery converts views into bookings. Our task was to create an album of exquisite photos that showcased not only a menu but an entire dining experience that tempted people to go offline and spend time at The Pound.



The Parade Room
Our amazing Roast Dinner
Chapel Down
Food at the Parade Room
Dinner is served


Social media has seen significantly more engagement with the use of the new photography for the gastropub.

Restaurant conversion rate

Since the website refresh, bookings for the restaurant have increased 44% month on month since the gastropub launch.

Bookings increase:


One Pound Lane Social

Photography is key and helps us show our talent and produce off

Stephen Allen, The Pound, Canterbury

Cocktail Photography

Our approach

Understanding the clients own likes and dislikes when it came to showcasing food and the dining experience was crucial to delivering a body of work that matched expectations and delivered both artistically and commercially.

We spent time in creative and research sessions exploring styles that suit the proposition as well as those most likely to make an impact on social media. The photo shoots were planned meticulously, using a mixture of storyboarding and conversation, to ensure maximum use of time and, when working with food, allowing the chefs to produce the dishes pre selected to make the most impact. 

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