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BeYou Project - Redefining digital support for young LGBTQ+ people

Redefining digital support for young LGBTQ+ people


BeYou Project

Our objective

We partnered with The BeYou Project to launch a new and improved website. A digital experience with an authentic and empathetic perspective, connecting with LGBTQ+ children and young people.

A safe, welcoming and inclusive space where LGBTQ+ young people can meet, socialise and find the support they need.

BeYou Homepage
Meet awesome people

Our approach

Starting with insight gathering we needed to understand how young LGBTQ+ people interact with the site and what they want from it. We organised workshops to work up detailed personas, looking in depth into their behaviours and attitudes rather than demographics. They directly fed into our process.

From these sessions we simplified and improved user journeys and the whole referral processes.


Amplify the design system

The BeYou Project had existing brand elements but no global principle that ties everything together in a meaningful way. This is where we spent time experimenting. The solution was hiding in plain sight, and once liberated, we were able to give it new meaning.

We turned the individual rectangle colour blocks from the logo into an iconic visual signature. Used throughout the site to form content areas, highlight key messaging or contain photography. Amplifying its significance that creates a sense of inclusion.

BeYou mobile site

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