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Peter Fisk Associates - A streamlined intuitive User Experience

A streamlined intuitive User Experience


Peter Fisk Associates

Our objective

Peter Fisk Associates had collected a series of microsites over the years for different areas of the business, mainly for informational purposes. They needed to bring all the content under one umbrella, with a streamlined intuitive User Experience.

To sympathetically redesign their online presence, while giving the visual language a refresh.


PFA Website homepage
Illustration for PFA
Service list
Website page designs


Insights gathered from the first 6 months after launch have been positive.

User Experience

Our UX team collaborated with PFA to create clearly defined user journeys. It transpired that we could clearly house all the content from 4 different microsites into a concise online offering.

Number of sites:


Time spent on website

In the 6 months after launch we achieved an increase in time spent on the site. Engagement also increased indicating the user journeys were working.






Custom illustration

Our approach

We collaborated on site and in our studio with the senior management team and key stakeholders to fully understand Peter Fisk Associates, their current pain points & vision for the future.

We started with an intense research and insight phases, delving into personas groups, user flows and a content audit across the board. After a series of User Experience design sprints and rounds of iteration, we developed a framework thatĀ was specifically designed to talk to their audiences.

Meanwhile, our branding team got to work creating a visual language that brought a new lease of life to PFA. We developedĀ custom illustrations and icons paired with a dynamic colour palette.

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