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Sinch - Customer engagement via mobile

Customer engagement via mobile



Our objective

Sinch’s latest report ‘Mobile Consumer Engagement 2020’ in association with Mantis, dives into mobile messaging on a global scale and looks at how businesses can make the most of it to engage with customers.

We were tasked to bring the data to life and to present the report to their audience effectively, A/B testing to improve the experience while encouraging downloads.


Customer engagement via mobile landing page
Customers wish for simplicity
Open rates social asset
Webinar banner
Notification social asset


Engagement with the report has been significantly higher than previous reports, including webinar attendance and social interaction.




Downloaded 1,526 times by professionals in the communications sector.

Conversion increase:


Tablet screen


Traffic from social channels and outbound marketing to the report increased.

Page views:


A/B testing

After experimenting with a couple of versions of the landing page, we were able to iterate and simplify the experience allowing users to download and digest the information quickly and effectively.

Mobile screen

Our approach

For a seamless campaign across all touch-points, we started with research and insights. By understanding the users and their journey, we were able to create a streamlined experience with minimal friction points. We didn’t stop there, A/B testing as we went and iterating to find the optimum experience was essential to deliver the report to as many interested individuals as possible.

Complementing with highly visual, attention grabbing assets that tease and highlight key stats. Enticing users to download, share and attend the webinar.

Culminating with a bespoke presentation deck that was presented at MWC Los Angeles by the VP of Marketing at Sinch.

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