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Pride Canterbury

We worked with the Pride Canterbury event committee to create a brand fitting for the festival. We wanted to create something original that celebrated, encouraged and supported Pride’s diversity, as well as bringing in a family friendly element to the look and feel.


Pride Canterbury

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Social


Pride Canterbury approached us back in 2016, to create a brand identity for the festival that embraced its Pride heritage and celebrated inclusivity. From the outset the Pride committee were clear in their vision and challenged us to distance the brand from the usual rainbow identity and instead celebrate the diversity and inclusive element of the festival, which would actively be open to families.

  • AAA girls announcement


The brand needed to connect with its diverse audience. We started by breaking down the logo into individual letters, each with its own personality, style and motion. We felt motion would really add an extra dimension to how the brand was perceived and communicate better with the public.

  • Branded assets


Pride Canterbury has become one of the fastest growing Pride events in the UK. In 2016 the festival attracted more than 3,000 revellers to Canterbury city centre, last year, 2022 the event saw over 30,000 people join the fun of the parade and festival.

  • Pride poster

Keeping the look and feel fresh:

We’ve been working with Pride Canterbury for 8 years now, and while the core brand logo and styling remains strong and consistent, we’ve kept the look and feel fresh by introducing new assets to work alongside the original branding.
By constantly developing the illustration style for Pride Canterbury social channels, merchandise, and other print assets, we can bring a new depth and fun to the brand.
  • What to bring - social image
  • Pride Canterbury Reusable Cup Designs
  • Signage
  • William
  • Courtney Act
  • Pride parade

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