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CLX Communications

Leading global provider of cloud-based communications services and solutions to enterprises and mobile operators.



Our Role

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • CLX Communications Logo


CLX approached us with the challenge to rebrand them, as they had outgrown their previous identity. They needed their brand to communicate their core values.

CLX’s online presence was outdated and needed redesigning to align it with the new brand.

  • CLX Communications Iconography
  • CLX Communications MWC Stand


We worked with CLX to bring their brand life, not just with a logo but with every aspect of their brand, with the tone of voice, colours, typography and iconography. We created brand guidelines and designed all internal documentation and stationary.

CLX’s website was redesigned, restructured and rebuilt from the ground up, using a component based CMS to keep the site fluid and flexible. New techniques and technologies were used to provide an element of future-proofing and allow the site to grow and evolve.

  • CLX Communications Website


The success of the relaunch has been dramatic. Unique users has increased 563% in the first full month after site launch compared to the last full month of the previous site. Similarly, page views have increased 410%.

We continually work with CLX on all aspects of their brand from designing exhibition stands to expanding the functionality of their website.

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