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Sinch - Enriching brand experiences

Enriching brand experiences



Our objective

Long term partners of Sinch (formerly CLX), we worked alongside them to support their rebrand as the market leader in Cloud Communications. A large multinational and publicly-listed organisation, Sinch needed to bring their new brand to life, both digitally and physically.

The new brand needed interpreting and a graphical system created that would influence everything from custom Moleskine’s to digital experiences. As well as establishing the brand within the industry space, we would influence how it grows by utilising current trends and constantly iterating and evolving it year on year.


Team at Sinch
Pull up banners
Social assets
Tote bag


By providing advice and design support to put the new branding and proposition at the forefront of the industry’s mind, we have helped establish Sinch as the stalwart-turned-disrupter, with a new energy and vocal workforce who took to social media to announce their transformation around the world.


Instantly global...

Custom designed, branded products have been used in launches and other events to unite all 45 different locations around the world simultaneously.



Sinch branded products

Dodgems & Floss were a key trusted partner in launching the Sinch rebrand, helping contribute to the success and popularity of the brand both internally and across social media.

Katie Lawerence, Marketing Director, Sinch

Sinch rebrand announcement

Our approach

Starting with the static brand identity assets, we collaborated to find a creative output for the brand visual language. One that would be engaging, but just as importantly one that strikes the right tone. End users are always our focus, but with this rebrand we also considered how Sinch’s internal teams could feel part of the brand, to build loyalty and generate a buzz from within.

Using the visual language, we were able to iterate and apply it to an array of merchandise and props. These were distributed to Sinch offices around the world, where they became the centrepieces of internal launch events.

We also designed and supplied various marketing and social assets for all media channels.

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