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Re-imagining and bringing a renewed brand to life.



Our Role

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • New logo


Harwood were looking to redesign and restructure their online presence as it previously didn’t reflect their brand values or how they want to be perceived.

Harwood have three separate brands, all of which have different services and needs from an online platform. Our initial challenge would be to craft a website that can effectively showcase each brand. Secondly to review and adjust the brand for all three.

  • Work section for Harwood Building Control


It’s a unusual process starting with the website first, before reviewing the brand. However working with Harwood, in design sprints has allowed us to experiment, iterate and develop the brand without any limitations from existing brand guidelines. Key projects from producing graphics for a Lutine X55, print for events and the web have all developed and guided our design process.

Currently we are working with Harwood to produce their new brand guidelines for future projects.



  • Lutine X55
  • Close up of Lutine X55
  • Mast
  • Old logo set
  • Golden Ratio
  • New logo set


Results are yet to be determined, stay tuned.

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