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The Marlowe & Wise Words - Inspiring young people with stories

Inspiring young people with stories


The Marlowe & Wise Words

Our objective

The Marlowe Theatre teamed up with Wise Words to bring a new literary festival called Little Words to Canterbury, aimed at children and families of all ages. 

Collaborating with both teams, we were tasked with creating the Festival identity and to create a unique idea that would inspire children and parents to get involved.

Imaginary friends
Little Words Festival logo
Early sketches
Poster mockups
Day dreaming girl


Our idea was based on the imagination of children. A book can transport them to a different world, inspire them to be creative or encourage playtime with imaginary friends. We wanted to encourage imagination.


From this we collaborated to illustrate a set of imaginary friend characters, that could be mixed with selected photography.


Little Words Festival

Held over a week and targeted families and children, promoting reading and imagination.


Sold to capacity with the unique imagery playing a key role throughout all marketing activities. 

Little Words Festival

Our approach

The key to this project being a success was developing a bank of unique characters that spoke to both children and parents.

There were multiple creative sessions to explore and share ideas on imagery and identify personas of the audience who were to consume the content. By working closely together in a hugely collaborative manner, we helped deliver a set of unique, creative and commercially beneficial assets. 

Marketing assets as well as the imagery itself had to quickly grab attention but also represent the Marlowe institution as a whole. 

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