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LA Pathways - Supporting LA families online

Supporting LA families online


LA Pathways

Our objective

LA Pathways strengthens low-income and vulnerable working families, promotes high quality early care and education services for children of all abilities, develops knowledgeable early care providers, and promotes economically resilient communities.

Our mission was to create a responsive, accessible and engaging website, which will cater for varied audience types with different needs and reading abilities.

We also needed to create a flexible visual language that will seamlessly integrate across multiple devices, ensuring each touchpoint is consistent for the user.

As LA Pathways are based in Los Angeles, California, we needed to collaborate fully and approach the project in the best way to ensure the time difference wasn’t an issue.

LA Pathway website
Donate and help LA Pathways


The new site brought LA Pathways into a new era. Increasing awareness, donations that enable them to support the community and allowing users to self serve effectively.

Bespoke icons

We created and developed a bespoke collection of pixel perfect icons. Used across the site to aid users.

Card based UI

We based the visual language on a card design system. This allows us to create a single aesthetic across multiple devices and to establish a consistent experience regardless of the device.

LA Pathways

Our approach

We take our clients on a journey of creative collaboration and discovery. For this particular project our approach didn’t change. We held virtual workshops and immersed ourselves fully in their industry, uncovering insights and learning as we went along.

Our project team tweaked their working hours accordingly to match Los Angeles, to ensure we were available for their team.

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