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The Umbrella Centre

Supporting our local Charity while raising the awareness of Mental Health in Canterbury.


The Umbrella Centre

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Umbrella Centre logo


We have each had our lives touched by mental health issues, and are fortunate to have The Umbrella Centre as our close neighbour. Their work in our community is an inspiration to us all, and so we have started working with them to share our skills and enhance their branding and marketing, empowering them to help more people and to get the word out about the great work that they do.

  • Business card designs


The Umbrella Centre needed a new visual identity and marketing strategy that will raise awareness of Mental Health in Canterbury and the surrounding area. As part of the visual identity, we had to rethink not only the logo but tone of voice, colours, typography and future marketing campaigns.

Currently the process is still on-going with regular meetings and collaborative sessions.

  • 25th Anniversary save the date


New brand will officially launch in October.

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